5 Ways to save your Blogging Hours

Ways to save your Blogging time Hours

Ways to save your Blogging Time Hours

Often bloggers spend hours on their blog daily or to chip in quality content and there by improve the blog ranking and its traffic. This article is essentially few advices to newer bloggers who have just begun their journey to success. Better late than never, these tips could help you to use your time fruitfully and effectively.

1. Avoid wasting your time frequently checking blog traffic statistics

This is the most common practice most bloggers waste their time in. Why you should not spend more time on stat check – This is one mistake that even I did do. In the initial days I too was excited to keep checking how many visitors are landing on my website and what they were up to, is my website stats improving, is my alexa rank improving and so on. The truth is nothing changes if you keep on checking every other hour. My advice is – check your website stats and earning stats once a week or may be once in two weeks. Analyze the stats and understand what you could do to improve the user experience.

2. Keep aside a regular time for your blog posting

It’s a good practice to allocate sometime of your day or week when you would be free to work on your articles. This practice has many advantages like posting frequency would tame the SERP bots and search engines to your blog update time and maintaining a good posting frequency is important.

3. Avoid doing blog Maintenance and Health check daily

Blog health checks and maintenance are important aspects of keeping your blog clean. This is preferably to be followed once in a week so that it would not eat up your blog posting and article research time.

4. Avoid going to your control panel for blog posting

It’s a good practice of using desktop blogging tools or MS word for writing your articles as it saves time and eases your blogging experience, once you are ready with the article go online and publish the same on your wordpress blog or schedule it for future publish from your “add new post” option on WP admin panel.

5. Avoid multi-tasking while blogging

Its always a good practice to keep aside all your design, development, emailing or movies away while you are writing your article. This would help you to concentrate on your blog and also speed up your work.

Take Home: Blogging is an amazing experience so use the time you spend on your blog fruitfully so that it remains as amazing it is.