500 Internal Server Error after upgrading WordPress

500 Internal Server Error after upgrading WordPress

500 Internal Server Error after upgrading WordPress

Yesterday the latest 3.1 version of wordpress was launched, so many of the web masters might be facing this issue  now. It’s always important to have your wordpress version upgraded to the latest version. Its one critical step as mentioned in my earlier article on how to improve your wordpress blog security

While you upgrade your wordpress blog to the latest version, make sure you follow the first ground rule – Always Backup!

 Am sure all most all of the best hosting companies would have an automated backup cron jobs that you could raise a request to restore the latest back up if something goes wrong. So nothing to panic about. (Still it’s good to have a regular local backup of your blog – I use Backup Buddy for my local backup)

 500 Internal server error after attempting to upgrade to WordPress 3.0.1 or higher versions.

 If you are now in this situation and your website is showing a 500 Internal server error – Don’t Panic! I was in your same situation, 5 minutes ago. Follow the below step and you will be saved.

Create a php.ini file in the wp-admin subdirectory and inside that file place this line:


This issue occurs due to over load of the PHP memory threshold of your web server. If you are hosted on good servers, this one rarely or never occurs. If you want to know more about selecting a good host, read my detailed review of the Best web hosting companies of 2011

NOTE: If the php.ini method too fails, restore the latest backup from your web host, it will fix your issue.  Let me know if this article on 500 Internal Server Error after upgrading WordPress has helped you.


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