6 ways to be a Motivated blogger


Last day I talked to one of my friend who used to blog very enthusiastically when I met him before. He used to have a very active blog with an impressive readership; the blog was doing great when compared to any other startup blog that was few months of age. But this time we met he had a different story to tell – The domain had expired 2 months ago and the blog is shut down. Now that is bad!

We should always remember that, nothing happens overnight, especially Blogging success. There are 1000s of bloggers who spend endless hours writing quality content and promoting them and then what is that one factor that separates all these bloggers from the A-list bloggers? It’s Motivation to keep it going!

Below are 6 methods to keep you motivated as a blogger to fuel sustenance.

Networking with few co-bloggers: It’s always critical that you realize the importance of peers in work and life. So always make sure you have a simple “friends” page on your blog and have a closed network of like minded bloggers. This could help you a lot in the long run. You all can develop as a group in your own niche and expertise. Other advantages are the peer bloggers could comment, discuss and keep the activity on your blogs and communities alive and rocking.

Reading good blogs: Make sure you subscribe to and read regularly at least a few good blogs on the internet. This practice could give you more ideas and sparks. In addition, would also keep you motivated by the fact that Probloggers never get tired!

Keep your mind refreshed: The blogosphere and internet should not leave you burnt and sleep deprived. It’s not a bad idea to remind your self that you have family, friends and a Life outside the internet as well. So take a walk, talk to people, enjoy and chill out often. Once you feel refreshed get back to work.

Having a schedule is a great idea: It’s always good to have a work schedule that covers much of the work that you have to do on your blog (work like writing, research, SEO, Social networking, promotion etc). Allocate time slots for each of the critical works and gauge their priority as per the requirement. Do not let the cup spill out and over do any task. If you are unable to complete a task in allotted time, proceed with the next.

Look around for inspiration: On the vast Internet, it’s not difficult to find great bloggers doing cool things. So its always to keep yourself pumped up watching how well other bloggers are carrying themselves and their success should always motivate you.

Take your blog to the real world: Have an effort to attend conferences, blogger’s meets and such activities. Spread the word of your blog, interact and learn. Its always a great idea to be part of any offline meetups or conventions for bloggers like the wordcamp that happens in every countries for wordpress bloggers.

Take Home: Dont ever loose the pinch and spirit even though you do not find huge success in the short span. It would come one day, have the patience and be motivated!


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