7 Methods to lift your Pagerank from PR0 to PR5

A well optimized webstite can bring you infinite amounts of income. The same thing holds true for a SEO friendly blog. I personally prefer Word Press when it comes to blogs because they offer so many powerful SEO tricks and plug ins  to give you an unfair advantage with the search engines. There are so many stones lefted unturned when it comes to optimizing a Word Press blog that today I thought I would disclose a few of them.

Many bloggers make the mistake of just choosing a blog template, upload it the their hosting company, add some content and just forget it about it. The problem with that is the fact that you are missing out on properly optimizing your word press blog for the best results with the search engines. There are also plenty of ways to increase your blog taffic with little effort on your part. The list below contains a few ways to enhance traffic to your blog and also get better SEO results.

Optimize Your Blog Title:

Showing your word press title in every post is killing your SEO juice. If you don’t make a simple tweaked to your Word Press template coding, your post will show up in the search engines with your blog title in every post.

For Example:

Conversion Junction >> A Few Ways To Make Money Fast Online

The problem with this is that you are losing SEO value from your title when your post appears in this format. The correct format you want to make your title stand out and not alarm the search engines about spamming due to your blog title is as follows:

A Few Ways to Make Money Fast Online

To get this done you will have make a few changes in the heading.php of your word press blog.

Take Advantage Of Pinging Services:

Not taking advantage of the automatic pinging service that Word Press offers  is inexcusable. Word Press automatically pings your blog after every post, but you can add as many pinging services as you would like besides the default pinging service. You can enhance your blog traffic by going to your “settings” then “writing” section and include the following pinging services:


Every time you make a post, all these pinging services will get notice of your new blog post thus increasing the traffic to your blog.

Over Pinging By Mistake:

Over pinging is something we all do without ever noticing that we are doing it. Most bloggers do not realize that whenever they make changes to their blogs post or make a correction, Word Press automatically pings that post again. The Max Blog Press ping optimizer plug in will keep you from pinging your blog post multiple times and avoid being targeted for “ping spam”.

Use RSS Feeds:

Submitting your blog to RSS directories will increase your readership and also help boost your page rank. RSS feeds directories makes your feed available to anyone searching for information on your niche. Your RSS feed will automatically be updated when you create new blog post. You can also add your feed to your Hub Pages Or your  Squidoo lens to receive high pr backlinks.

Create Deep Links

Rewrite your blog posts and submit them to The Free Traffic System and receive 60 backlinks back to that blog post. Submit your rewritten blog post to Unique Article Wizard and receive 2000 one way links back to your posts. Deep linking will increase the page rank of your individual blog post.

Create Internal Links:

Create internal links throughout your blog to increase your SEO quality within your blog. If you have a niche blog, there will be plenty of opportunities to link back to your own  blog when blogging about related topics.

Bookmark Your Post:

Bookmark your post with the social marketing networks and receive additional traffic as well as high pr backlinks. You can use Only Wire to post to 25 of the top bookmarking networks from Digg to Delicious or you can use the bookmarking demon to post to over 160 social networks at one time.


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