A Blogger’s Itch !

You might be already wondering what the heading is all about, Continue reading and you would find out.

Ive started my OC Blog in Dec 2005, Ive been regular in posting articleswith lots of enthu right from day 1, I did the same for arround few months 😉  And then  ive felt the ITCH for every blog i have started. The Itch is nothing but the feeling that a Blog owner gets ” what the hell am i getting in return even after Blogging so hard, day and night” Its true, its not only you who gets this feeling, it was also the same for me.

Let me be more frank with you with numbers, Ive blogged from Dec 2005 to Jan 2006 in a Cold manner : ie, i did not even have the feeling i had a blog! It was just for sharing my updates to webmasters about my design, development and hostin products.  At arround Late June 2006, i posted my meaningful article, and that started recieving hits from search engine, it was “How i designed a logo”. Then i Thought, wow for one simple post, if its boosting my website traffic by 5 % what wonder would a 100 articles do?

Mistake:  Posting Some Junk Articles
Yes i made my first mistake, In my hurry to increase my post count i went arround the web searching for nice topics, nice tutorials and re-posted them in my Blog. Dear friends, these kinda articles are not gonna take you anywhere. so it did not take me either.  I did get traffic, but was not at all impressive. That made me think WHY? wasn’t late when i got the answer. Its all about posting unique content, I removed all the articles that were “inspired” from elsewhere, Wrote one single neat good article on Cpanel Tutorial, That did the trick for me, almost 15 times more traffic than that for what i did earlier.

I increased my rate of posting unique articles and it did Wonders, A very impressive improvement in the traffic. I did this for arround 5 – 6 months with arround 3 – 4 unique articles a week, That meant  21 posts a month and 100 posts in 6 months. This made my traffic steady, i promoted and shared my articles to designers and developers facing issues in the same topics.

Now lets talk Numbers!
Its been over an year of Great Blogging from my side, now what, You wanted to know how much i started earning?
.53 -.8 USD a month. So my adsense earning after 1 year is arround 10 USD !! Am discouraged again. I began to think again.. Even though i am recieving 300 – 350 Unique visitors a day and that too niche visitors, why the hell am i not earning??

I was late, it took me arrnd 3 more months to figure out that, How i did it? Read a lot about adsense placements, Heatmaps and palced my Ads according to them, and continued to write articles. Next month my earning improved, I started earning arround 20-30 USD per month, i knew it was low, But was far better than my 10 USD per year !!

Further i continued my Blogging, The money did inspire me (MY NEXT MISTAKE).
The earnings too let me down again, it hovered arround 20 -25 USD per month, And as i told, the earnings inspired me, These are what you as a Blogger should not make a mistake and should learn from my mistakes.

1.Do not Blog for money, Blog for passion: Am not saying, dont earn, Its simply that, Blog the topic you love and you would not feel that itch and the money would certainly come. When you have a Huge traffic there are a number of ways to monetize it!

2.Do Not let the ITCH catch you, The same way i felt,after 6 – 12 months of bloggin and not seeing much results, you would certainly feel that ITCH of Quitting, That is the reason 90% of Bloggers dont get there in the BIG list, Have patience, continue to provide GREAT content to your visitors, the traffic will increase and you could certainly SELL your traffic.

I learned from my mistakes soon, thought that the 30 USD, let it support my hosting and let me concentrate on giving Great content to my Visitors, it worked, infact it did not take long for me to get a Decent earning in multiples of what i had got earlier, my traffic is certainly multiplying and i have lot of options and not just selling pixels, i can sell mine and others products, sell my text links of high PR, use Affiliate link cloaks etc.

SO the Moral of the Story:

– Have patience
– Dont Blog for money, But for your interest
– Let the traffic come then monitize.
– Give your visitors, Quality, Unique content
– Keep your blog regularly updated

Hope you enjoyed my story, love to see your comments !



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