Google Plus Vs Facebook – Your Take!

A Comparison of Google Plus with Facebook

Google is undoubtedly ruling the internet with its different applications and features but they have not yet been able to rule the Social networking scene even after few desperate efforts like Orkut, Buzz etc.

They are continuously facing stiff competition from the Social networking Giants like Facebook, MySpace etc. The latest Social networking launch from Google is called Google Plus. Google plus looks really promising with its Facebook like features and super simple design / interface.

If you have already heard about Google Plus and want to know more about its features and also learn if you should give it a try even though you have a Facebook account, this article should help you make a decision.

A Comparison of Google Plus with Facebook

What is common for Google Plus and Facebook?

Google has made a decent effort to integrate all the great features that Facebook into one application that looks fresh and smart. Certain feature that Google plus and Facebook have in common are:

  • Stream: Basically a news stream from your contacts that lets shows all the updates from your contacts in one feed like stream on your home page.
  • Photo albums: A impressive integration between Picasa albums to your Google Plus account with ease and even create a new album or link multiple Picasa accounts on to your GP account.
  • Chat Feature: The Google Plus chat looks very impressive and works almost the same way as the Facebook in chat that works from within your browser.
  • Applications: The biggest factor that helped FB grow faster is application and the sharing of APIs to enable third parties to develop applications for Facebook, the same seems to be included in Google plus.
  • Other common features: Most of the common features like events, image and video sharing, friends, profiles and contacts are common to all these social networking websites.

What is different and new in Google Plus when compared to Facebook?

Yeah! Probably this is the section you are most interested to learn more about – what’s new? In fact there are quite a few new features that make Google plus very promising and they are:

  • Google Plus Circles: A concept that the Facebook does not have yet! This enables you to add the same set of friends to different circles that you create just as in your real life. A topic you want to discuss to your personal friend’s circle that the official circle should not be aware of is a good example to explain how this works. This gives you the badly required privacy to your social network that is often so open to viral spreading.
  • Google Hangout feature: The GP unveils another stunning feature that uses the powerful Google talk and video chat to enable you and your circles to do “group video chats”. Now that’s a good addition.
  • The Google Advantage: Like any other netizen, even I use Google for loads of stuff like Google search, news, Adsense, business, Gmail, events, calendar etc.  The advantage that GP has is that it uses the same “Single Sign On” (SSO) for all the applications – yes, the same Google account that brings it all to one umbrella.
  • A simpler and smarter Code:  Just as any other Google developed application, this is too a light weight and simple application that has the simple white and “Google colors” gives you another reason to give it a try!

It could be reasonable to stick on to Facebook and not think any further (for some people)

For people who don’t have the time or space to again take out time to learn a new Social network website and get cozy with the new features, it is not a bad idea to stick on to Facebook itself. There could be more than one reason that could support you to stick on to FB itself and not migrate:

Am Happy with Facebook: If you feel that you have everything that you wanted from a Social network and don’t want to push the envelope further, Facebook is a great choice, it has all your friends organized, has all the features you love – You are not missing out a great deal by not opting to move to Google Plus.

A Comparison of Google Plus with Facebook

Now what is your take on the comparison?

My personal Opinion:  I have activated my Google Plus account to check out the features and I still do not feel I should migrate from my Facebook account! GP has some awesome features and simple interface, but that still does not give me enough reason to scrape my FB Account and move on.

I have all my friends, Photos, connections, Groups and events at once place.  Most importantly I am pretty much adjusted to the way FB has evolved itself into a complete social networking hub where I could find everyone and anyone!

Take Home: I will never call it an end. At a point of time when Orkut, MySpace and Friendster was doing great, I never thought I would quit all of them to join FB. It’s a free world, let Google or anyone come up with some great stuff or ideas that is simply irresistible and the flock will migrate!

This is my take on the comparison, let me know your perspective and I would love to hear from you! Hope you enjoyed the comparison of Google Plus with Facebook


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