A Simple Client Questionnaire for a web design company

What’s a Client Questionnaire?

A Client Questionnaire is a very important part of a Project lifecycle, When ever a client contacts you saying ” web design required ” you exactly dont know what is all the project about and what are the client requirements, so we should ask relavent questions to the client so that we have all the information to start off the project the way the client wants it.  Ahh i  almost forgot to mention, its very important to thank the client for considering your company for the project

Below are a list of some sample questions that could be included in a questionnaire.

  • Name (First and Last)
  • Phone Number
  • Website address
  • web hosting required ? and with who ?
  • Purpose of the site
  • reference sites they like and Competitor sites
  • Do they want/need a blog  or  CMS
  • Do they want/need SEO?
  • whats their current ad methodology
  • How does customers reach them?
  • What is the website for and are there any specific products they offer

This would be a Brief Client Questionnaire.

Regards, Joshu

Author : Joshu Thomas, Orangecopper Solutions (About Joshu)



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