A starting point is vital for any Blog

A starting point is vital for any Blog

Would you enjoy watching a movie from the half? Am sure you would not! The same goes with blogging when a new visitor to your blog is unsure where to start from.

Webmasters point of view when compared to a visitor

It is always important that you get your website or blog reviewed by your friends, family or other webmasters as it is very obvious that the way another person navigates or approaches your blog would be different.

Opinions and feedbacks from a normal internet users would help improve your blog to a great extent. I have observed that there are few blogs with outstanding quality content but they fail to help someone jump start from scratch. It’s like feeding someone with a fish and rather not telling them how to fish!

Have a clear navigation

It’s vital that your blog or website specializing in any niche should have a clear sitemap and navigation. Your website should offer a starting point for your users to start their learning journey in your niche of expertise. This will certainly encourage them to stick on to your website and appreciate the rest of the content.

Some great steps that could help you achieve these are:

  • Offer an eBook or documentation to start with.
  • Organize your articles in an order.
  • Have a crisp navigation and linking style.
  • Interlink related posts and pages.

Take Home: If you already have a “Start here” page then great! Else, Fill the void with a quick start page and you will soon see lesser bounce rates and more glue to stick your visitors onto your blog.

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