A Timely Tweet can do Magic

A Timely Tweet can do Magic

Twitter is a great tool to improve your social presence and website traffic. You could refer my previous articles on how to effectively use Twitter and How to make money with your Twitter account to discover more possibilities that twitter might offer you with.

The basic requirements to have a “Good” Twitter accounts are:

  • Have good number of followers
  • Have followers who are interested in your tweets (targeted followers)

Often it’s observed that at times your tweets would bring in 50 – 100 users to your website or blog and the next time you tweet, you merely get not more than 5 – 10 visitors form Twitter, What could be the reason for this huge variation?

If you closely observe, you will understand that Twitter is time zone bounded. For example, if you consider your very own twitter account dashboard, how many tweets scroll across your eyes each minute: Several tweets right? So if your tweet needs to get noticed each time you tweet, there should be lower competition and the user should be using twitter at that time, so pick up the right time to tweet.

The chances of your tweet getting noticed are high when:

  • You Tweet at the targeted time zone
  • Tweet message to be catchy enough
  • Have a decent follower count
  • Only add profiles related to your niche or expertise

Hope this article was helpful to improve your experience and success with the amazing micro blogging and social networking tool, Twitter.


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