A very Effective Twitter Tool to Multiply your Traffic

twitfever1Twitter is the next big thing or the BIG thing now on the web and there are many webmasters including me using twitter as an effective marketing tool and there are again a number of websites providing twitter tools , here we are going to showcase on of the main website of that sort, we will update many more in the coming days in the article, so watch out.

The site in discussion is TwitFever, below are the feature highlights

  • Follow from Profile Tool: This tool allows you to mass follow the friends or followers of a specific Twitter user.
  • Multiple Account Management: You can add as many Twitter accounts as you like to Twitfever.
  • Follow from Keyword Tool: This tool allows you to mass follow users who have recently included a specific keyword in their tweets.
  • Auto Follow Tool: This tool allows you to automatically follow all the Twitter users who are following you.
  • Auto Tweet Tool: Once enabled, the tool will publish a famous quote, an interesting fact or a funny joke (or all three) on your Twitter account once a day.
  • Mass Unfollow Tool: This tool allows you to mass unfollow all the users that you are following or those who are not following you back. It is useful to keep your profile balanced.
  • Statistics: You will be able to track the detailed Statistics for each of your Twitter accounts.
  • Retweet Club: The Retweet Club has the goal of helping the Twitfever members to get more retweets.

Cheers, joshu

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