A Warning: Matt Cutts on Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is still one of the most powerful and successful method of publicizing and also building links too. Recently  the Head for Google’s Anti Spam team, Matt Cutts commented on Google’s approach towards Guest Blogging and specifically  Spammy Guest Blogging. Now, as we all web masters know that Guest Blogging isn’t a practice that should be penalized  we should be clearly understanding the reason for Google considering this as one aspect worth controlling.

If you listen to the below video, you will clearly understand that the targeted category of guest bloggers are those trying to promote their blogs, websites and products through guest posts. We know that there are several authoritative bloggers and experts who post on other blogs as guests, but the difference here is they are looking for a larger audience and not a “spammy link back”.

As a smart webmaster, the ideal approach towards guest blogging is to avoid keyword rich link backs, spammy anchor texts, keywords stuffed articles etc. Hope the year ahead keeps guest posting as a good method to spread valuable information and NOT a black hat link building strategy.