Accepting Guest posts can also become Fatal

As I have mentioned earlier that guest posting is the best method to publicize your blog, especially in the early stages when you don’t have much visitors or exposure. Guest posts can help you expose your blog to another blog’s readers and also get some dofollow link juice for an SEO advantage as well. But there is a flip side to it when you are at the other end – accepting guest posts!

Blindly accepting guest posts on your blog can become a fatal mistake when you are not publishing the right content. You might be happy about the free content you receive from other web masters but have you considered the impact of inappropriate content on your readers. Make sure you have a clear guideline while accepting and publishing guest posts on your blog. The guidelines should lay down the quality requirements to accept a guest article.

Few important points to include in the guidelines are:

1. Article length and minimum word count
2. Accepted niche topics
3. Number of back links from the article
4. Days for the approval procedure etc.

It might not affect your blog when its fresh and new but when your blog has already started receiving new visitors, its important that you maintain a standard of articles that you publish on your blog. It looks very immature and unprofessional when you publish a non related topic on your blog out of the blue. For example, if your blog is about iPhone apps review, how would it look like when you publish an ice cream recipe? It would be an instant turn down for your visitors.

Take Home: Think from a regular reader’s point of view each time you approve a Guest post to be published on your blog. Consider a post only if its in sync with the rhythm of your blog.


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