Activate your Windows 7 by Feb 2010 & Use Genuine

Activate your Windows 7 by Feb 2010.

A voluntary update for Windows 7 will be released in Feb this year that has been developed to detect activation exploits (more than 70 known ones).  Starting Feb 16, 2010, through windows update (WU) the update will be available world-wide from the Genuine Microsoft Software web site. While some OEMs may receive some linked queries, affected end-users will be directed to Microsoft to address their problems and concerns. This is an initiative by Microsoft to encourage OEMs to navigate end users to the Genuine Microsoft web site for any queries, where they would be able to legalize their Windows product. According to them, this update will not affect OEM’s in any significant manner.  If any activation exploits are detected on the end user’s computer, they will be routed to the support centers of Microsoft via world-wide phone support.

End users can avoid using any software containing illegitimate and potentially hazardous code with the help of Genuine Windows 7 products, preinstalled or if not provided by OEMs to end users. Enabling the activation exploits by the usage of alternate media or installation of software that enables it can pose a risk of identity theft to the users which can lead to unrecoverable end user data loss or recurring system crashes. Other genuine Windows computers in the network may also be jeopardized due to the use of illegal Windows.

The installation of Windows Activation Technology (WAT) update on an end user’s system will:

  • Scrutinize for more than 70 known activation exploits- and if found, the license of the Windows OS will be changed to non-genuine, which will disappear only after the successful activation.
  • The latest signature updates are retrieved from Microsoft (that are used to identify activation exploits, initially every 90 days)
  • Control internal notifications to alert end users and support resolution.
  • Identify any fiddling of affected Windows activation files and restore them where possible.

Similar to other critical updates, the update will be released through Windows Update (WU) as a vital Update that includes service packs and update rollups, some security, anti-piracy and reliability updates. While end users are not compelled to install the update, if the automatic updates are enabled, then the update is installed automatically at the scheduled time, around 3:00am. As an alternative, the updates can also be downloaded and installed from the Genuine Microsoft Software web site, beginning February 16, 2010.

End users who are using genuine Windows 7 on their systems will not get impacted from this update. Nonetheless, if any presence of an activation exploit is identified, then Windows 7 enters into a “non-genuine” state and the end user will be sent a built-in Windows 7 non-genuine notification experience that includes:

A Windows 7 desktop background that turns into a plain dark background as shown below:

So Use only Use Genuine Windows