Adding a Forum tripled my traffic

Adding a Forum tripled my traffic

How successful are you as a blogger? Are you achieving your expectations as a bogged from your blog? If yes or no you could still do much better by taking it a step forward!

Ever considered stretching your blog’s capabilities further by adding more features to your blog? It’s a great idea that worked like magic for me!

Few additional features you could think of adding to your blog are :

1. A discussion forum
2. A mastermind group for your niche
3. A group chat feature
4. A Q&A script for question and answers
5. A Downloads section for ebooks downloads

These are few areas that you could explore to add more reasons for your readers to keep coming back to your blog. This would help improve the traffic to your blog.

Recently I installed a vBulletin forum script on my orangecopper blog and now after 2 months my blogs page views spiked from 100k to 300k and half of the new pageviews was because of the new forum added.

Even though I had to put in double effort to jump start the forum topics, it paid off very well and am sure it will continue to serve me with more traffic.

Take home: never limit your blogs growth by not exploring the possibilities available on the web. Add new features and capabilities to multiple your traffic!