Advantages of Offline Meetups

Today am at Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh to attend and speak at the second WordCamp India and I wish to share the reasons that motivated me to travel 2000 Km to attend this offline meet-up.

It’s a humbling Experience: at meet-ups of this quality, it’s always certain to meet people who have better insights than you have in any particular niche and its a great learning experience. It is vital that you come out of your online shell once in a while to catch some fresh ideas, thoughts and see things from a different perspective!

Make valuable connections: offline meet-ups are breeding grounds of like minded euntrupreners excelling in their own ways and it could be an opportunity to make critical connections with such web masters. Such links can continue to motivate you and provide valuable feedback and support in your blogging journey.

Publicize and improve your niche authority: offline meet-ups provide you an awesome platform to show off your brand and blog to a huge audience of bloggers and maybe to their readers as well. it depends on you as how well you utilize the stage and make the maximum out of the opportunity.

Take home loads of information to share further: I also see offline meet-ups as an index of new blogging topics to write about. Often the notes I take at such meet-ups turns out to be popular posts on my blog! Not only such platforms enlighten you with more information, you could also share these info with your readers and feed your blog for many more days.

Feel the pulse of the community: be it any meetup, each of them would have an agenda, goal and some common factors. For example: in case of the WordCamp meetups, the common factor is WordPress.

Take home: meetups are Great way to connect with like minds, you have only to gain and nothing to loose! Every time you have an opportunity live upto it.