Advertisement / Ad managment Extensions for Joomla

Ad managment could be effectively done for Joomla with the below extensions

AdSense Module

The AdSense Module allows you to place single or multiple Google AdSense units on the pages of your Joomla! site. The Extension supports the various Google options as well as the ability to randomize ad colors and to block ads from being displayed to certain IP addresses. This is a non-commercial Extension.

Easy AdSense for Joomla

Allows you to run one or more Google AdSense units on your pages. This simple Extension provides control over all key variables plus the ability to block an unlimited number of IPs and to use alternative messages when ads are not displayed. This is a non-commercial Extension.

iJoomla Ad Agency

iJoomla Ad Agency is a full-featured banner and ad management system for Joomla! You can run single ads, campaigns or packages. The system also supports breaking pages into zones for the purpose of managing ads and rates. Supports a wide range of ad formats and sizes. This is a commercial Extension.