Affiliate Marketing Guide: All you need!

Affiliate Marketing Guide

Affiliate marketing is the Buzz on the internet now. In case you are already familiar with affiliate marketing well, you might be already making decent income. Over the last few years I have been a blind webmaster earning only from banner ads and Google AdSense. Believe me by now I might have lost 1000s of dollars that could have been my income.

To be frank, there is much more than just money and income. I totally do not regret pitching into affiliate marketing in the early days of my blogging. Three things you might want to achieve before you plunge into affiliate marketing if you want to make it big are:

  1. A decent Niche authority
  2. good website traffic
  3. A Loyal user base that trust your quality.

Read my previous article on how to maintain the balance in blogging and affiliate marketing. People would not love you the same way if you aren’t delivering quality and rather trying to sell!

As you can see, I no longer use Google AdSense on this Blog. I would still say Google AdSense is a great program and infact the best Pay Per Click (PPC) program on the internet followed by Chitika. But as a webmaster, at a stage you have to make a choice. If you have a decent traffic and a good niche authority, affiliate marketing is a better method to utilize the advertisement space on your blog or website.

The main advantages are:

  • Exponentially higher earning
  • You have full control over the ads that appear on your website
  • You do not blemish your visitor’s user experience

If you are a webmaster and planning to start off with affiliate marketing then you could proceed in the following steps:

  • Step 1: Identify your website or blog niche
  • Step 2: Analyze your website traffic and its potential (Important factor to decide)
  • Step 3: Identify perfect ad spots
  • Step 4: Pick the best products you want to promote
  • Step 5: Sign up with affiliate marketing programs or websites
  • Step 6: Install banners on your website
  • Step 7: Track your progress

Below are the lists of Affiliate marketing programs or website where you can sign up for products:

  • Amazon Affiliates

You could also check out one of my previous article on the best paying affiliate marketing programs. This would give you more information on the best websites to sign up for affiliate marketing.

For installing of banners on your blog, the best program you could use is MBP banner rotator plugin, you could read my earlier article on how to install and use MBP Banner rotator here

Take Home:

The essence of the article is affiliate marketing is simply stunning way to make online income, But please note that you should NOT over do it, I repeatedly emphasize on the fact that it will certainly reward you well when you don’t try to sell, instead try to give value to your users and help them.

Key techniques that works well for me are:

  • Don’t over try to sell products on your blog
  • Always give a free alternative when you do a product review (understand all are not here to buy)
  • Have a resources page on your blog (ONLY suggest the best tools that you have tested)
  • If it’s a new blog, keep your ads low or don’t use ads at all (its traffic that matters)
  • Try to keep affiliate products out of articles and retain them to critical ad spaces.

 Note:  My monthly adsense income would be less than 200 USD a month, but on an average my affiliate income is around 1800 – 2000 USD, that is the difference i am talking about. Have a good plan – A solid long term one and be patient!

Hope this Affiliate marketing Guide was helpful to you. All the best!!


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