Affiliate Marketing Guide

Internet affiliate marketing will be the Buzz on the web now. In case you are already acquainted with affiliate marketing well, you might be already making decent income. Over the past few years I have already been a blind webmaster earning only from banner advertising and Google AdSense. Remember that at this point I might have lost Lots of money which may are already my income.

To be frank, there is certainly much more than simply money and income. I totally don’t regret pitching into affiliate marketing in the early days of my blogging. Three things you might want to achieve before you plunge into affiliate marketing if you want to make it big are:

1. A considerable Niche authority
2. good online traffic
3. A Loyal user base that trust your quality.

Read my previous article on orangecopper regarding how to maintain the balance in blogging and affiliate marketing. People wouldn’t normally adore you exactly the same way if you aren’t delivering quality and rather trying to sell!
As you can tell, I no longer use Google AdSense on this Blog. I’d still say Google AdSense is an excellent program and in fact the very best Pay-per-click (PPC) program on the web followed by Chitika. But as a webmaster, at a stage you have to make a choice. In case you have a good traffic along with a good niche authority, affiliate marketing is a better method to utilize the advertisement space on your web or blogsite.

The main advantages are:

* Exponentially higher earning
* You have full control over the ads that appear on your website
* You don’t blemish your visitor’s user experience
If you’re a webmaster and planning to begin with affiliate marketing then you may proceed in the following steps:

* Step 1: Identify your website or blog niche
* Step 2: Analyze your website traffic and its potential ( Important factor to make the decision)
* Step 3: Identify perfect ad spots
* Step 4: Pick the most suitable products you want to promote
* Step 5: Register with affiliate products or websites
* Step 6: Install banners on your website
* Step 7: Track how well you’re progressing
Here are the lists of Affiliate marketing programs or website where you can subscribe to products:

7. Amazon Affiliates

You could also check out one of my previous article on the best paying affiliate marketing programs. This would give you more info on the best websites to sign up for internet affiliate marketing.

For installing of banners on your own blog, the very best program you could use is MBP banner rotator plugin, you can read my earlier article on how to install and use MBP Banner rotator here

Note: My monthly adsense income would be less than 200 USD a month, but on an average my affiliate income is around 1800 – 2000 USD, that is the difference i am talking about. Have a good plan – A solid long term one and be patient!

Hope this Affiliate marketing Guide was helpful to you. All the best!!

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