Affiliate marketing with in post links

Affiliate marketing with in post links

If you already know about affiliate marketing, great! If you are new to affiliate marketing and making money online through blogging, you should refer to this resource on professional blogging.

If you have been keeping a tab on my income from blogging, it has been steadily increasing and 95% of my income is from affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the smartest method to make a consistent income online by working on promoting your unique and quality articles.

Most effective way to implement affiliate marketing

If you are keen to learn more about the steps and tricks involved in affiliate marketing, you could refer my affiliate marketing guide. IMO the best method that has really worked for me in converting user visits into affiliate sales is by “In post affiliate marketing”.

Basically In-post affiliate marketing is all about promoting best products within your post (article) as part of some valuable information that you publish on your blog or website. The foundation of a good blog is built by delivering great value to your visitors by publishing high quality information.

As a professional blogger, you should shape your writing skills in such a way that you provide great information and simultaneously promote good products. It should never look like you are writing to promote the affiliate product and the idea you are trying to convey should be executable without the aid of the product.

Along with providing great insights on the topic you are writing about, the product you are trying to promote should be projected as an aid or bonus to do the job in a better way.

Tools that could be used for in post affiliate marketing

In-post affiliate marketing could be simply done by cloaking the affiliate link within the post or article manually. If you would want to automate and manage your affiliate links in a more professional way, you could always deploy great tools like Ninja affiliate.

Am sure in the above paragraph you have observed that even I am doing in-post affiliate marketing and promoting ninja affiliate plugin. This is exactly the way to do it, I hope now it is clear.

PS: Always remember that there is nothing worse than losing your reader’s trust! So please make sure that you only promote the best products and try out the product you are promoting. Wishing you all the luck with your affiliate marketing ventures.