After how many views does YouTube Pay

After how many views does YouTube starts to Pay

Even thought the question does not have a definite answer, Being a YouTube partner, I can answer based on my experience and previous payout patterns. Basically, you its good NOT to expect payment immediately after you become a YouTube partner or as immediately as you enable Monetization on your YouTube account.

The earnings depend on the consistant number of increasing views with which your payout amount also increases. The general formula or a generic pattern could be defined as below:

  • $ 0.0033/1 view
  • $ 3/1,000 view
  • $33/ 10,000 views
  • $330/ 100,000 views
  • $3300/ 1,000,000 views

That means a very vague approximation of 3 USD per 1000 views, but for this payment or amount to replicate on your YouTube account will take quite some time (1 -2 months assuming your viewership is few thousands views a month) to reflect on your earnings dashboard of your YT account. Below is a screenshot from one of my YT channels that is a partner and giving around 20K views per month. The channel earnings still shows as “Insufficient data”.

The exact error message is: Data is not available for the selected report, content, and date range. If possible, try selecting a broader date range, different content, or come back in 1–2 days after the most recent data has been processed.

After how many views does YouTube starts to Pay

After how many views does YouTube starts to Pay

While on the contrary  my older channel that is delivering a consistant amount of view for a long time is earning about 41 USD for 43K minutes of  views every month. YT is no more considering views as the primary criteria, but considering the minutes viewed as a more meaningful metric for paying YT partners. This is under the understanding that you own all the content you upload!

So in my experience, I will conclude that for every 1K minutes viewed, YT pays you 1 USD.