Always ReSize Your Images before Publishing

Today we will share a quick tip that will help you ensure you have two advantages while handling images on your WordPress Blog especially if you frequently blog:

  • You dont have to deal with resizing huge Images every time
  • You dont have to spend time in reducing image file size on every upload

The above two issues could be common ones for you if you do a lot of writing from mobile devices or do light weight blogging without “photoshopping” each and every image you use on your blog post. Today, I tested out a awesome light weight plugin that helps auto resize each and every image before upload on to your server ensuring the size and resolution is as desired.

I used the Resize Image Before Upload WordPress plugin to ensure that all images are auto resized as per the media settings mentioned on your blog’s settings. Try writing a blog post with the help of this plugin and you will realize how effective the plugin works in maintaining a default image size for your blog thereby keeping uniformity.

The above image was uploaded with the help of this plugin and before upload it had a default size of 760 pixels wide and it was auto changed to 600 pixel width based on the settings. Hope this helps you to keep a default image size and not worry about the huge pixel size of images  uploaded directly from your high res phone.

Ensure that you navigate to the WordPress Settings -> Media Settings and specify the desired resolution of images to upload to ensure its auto resized to that particular size. Let me know how you feel using this awesome plugin.

OrangeCopper Rating for this plugin: [Rating:4.5/5]

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