Announcement: We have migrated to vBulletin

We have migrated to vBulletin Forum Script

Today I take great pleasure to announce our Orangecopper webmaster forum’s migration from PHPBB to vBulletin and it was a breeze.

Initially for the first 1 year our webmaster forum was running on the free forum script and last week our team finalized the decision to migrate to the best forum script. You could read our review of the best forum scripts if you are still on the lookout to install a forum for your website.

The major reasons that led our team to decide to upgrade to a premium vBulletin script are:

  • Steadier and well coded forum platform was a requirement.
  • The forum’s activity on our website had been steadily improving.
  • PHPBB had to fight really hard against spam.
  • SEO friendliness was much scaled up on vBulletin.
  • The look and feel customization is so very smooth with vBulletin.
  • Migration from any forum script to vBulletin is well explained by their documentation.
  • Updates and upgrades were comparatively very easy on vBulletin.

These were the major few reasons that led to the decision to migrate to vBulletin forum. If you are too interested to migrate your existing forum to vBulletin, please refer to our tutorial here.