Announcing the NapIncome Mastermind group launch

Announcing the NapIncome Mastermind group launch

Dear readers – firstly, I would like to thank all of you whole heartedly for the huge support and response to the NapIncome blog! I am overwhelmed by the emails, comments and response I receive from all of you guys to the ideas and techniques I share on this blog.

I accept the fact that i am not a blogging guru, but the fact that i have started from the ground level just like any other newbie blogger years ago and today am confident enough to share the techniques I know that works!

About the NapIncome mastermind group: this would be a limited membership group and I have decided to start with a count of 30 members on a first come first serve basis.

I would be taking requests to the group from today onwards and you could email me to to apply.

NapIncome Mastermind group plan:

1. Blog analysis for members
2. Napincome Recommendations
3. Anytime email helpline
4. Special emailers to members
5. Support forum for group in pipeline

Cheers to your success and pleasure is all mine! Checkout the MasterMind group here

NOTE: The master mind group has been moved to the Orangecopper Forum:


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