Auto post from your WordPress Blog to FaceBook Fan Page

 How to Auto post from your WordPress Blog to FaceBook Fan Page

 How to Auto post from your WordPress Blog to FaceBook Fan Page 

We all know the importance of publicizing your Blog content on the social network and the best place to promote your blog is none other than the best social networking website – FaceBook. It could be quite a tedious task when you have to manually post each and every new blog post to your Facebook fan page and that is when this post could become helpful to you.

There are several plugins available on the internet that could do this for you, but when you want to bifurcate your web business from your personal Facebook account, the best method is to use an excellent Facebook application that can help you automate publishing your blog posts on to your Facebook fan page and keep the activity buzzing on your social space! The complete process can be automated with the help of an awesome free Facebook Application called as NetworkedBlogs which helps you to automatically post your blog articles as Facebook posts.

Below are the steps to configure and setup this application with ease:

  • Login to your Facebook account used to manage the Fan page
  • Search for the application named NetworkedBlogs in the search and add the application to your page.
  • Go to the “Edit Page” option on your Facebook sidebar and go to applications.
  • when you click on “Go to App” it takes you automatically to the NetworkedBlog website where you can “register a Blog”
  • Finally confirm your website ownership and enable auto publishing.

 If you already have a Facebook fan page and you are aware of how a Facebook application can be added, this configuration is a simple piece of cake! Configure multiple blogs the same way to the NetworkedBlogs Application and you can forget about posting regular updates on your fan page as its already being taken care of. This always gives you more time to concentrate on other more important tasks that really uses your grey space! A bonus to this, even your twitter account can be configured the same way with the help of NetworkedBlogs website system.

Key Features of using NetworkedBlogs Application

  • Works on both: profiles and Facebook Pages
  • Import your blog feed to your profile or public page
  • A visual blogroll on your profile to promote your blog and blogs you like
  • A directory of blogs organized by topic and geographical locations
  • Read news and vote articles you love
  • A community of like minded people to connect with



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