Be an Organized and Motivated Blogger

Be an Organized and Motivated Blogger

If you have observed that I started this NapIncome Blog only 5 months ago and it is already receiving more than 1000 unique visitors a day! In this period of 5 months I have managed to write 124 unique articles with valuable information for my readers and the traffic to the blog is gradually increasing without much SEO efforts at all.

How did I generate such traffic in a short span of time?

If I could drive 30K unique visitors to my blog every month in a short span of 5 months they am sure you can also do better. Just like any other startup blogs, even this blog did not receive more than 10 – 15 unique visitors every day in the beginning. Having a very organized and periodic approach toward blogging helped me increase my blog traffic significantly.

Below are the major blogging activities that helped me:

  • An organized blogging approach to publish quality articles regularly.
  • At least 5 guest posts on top niche blogs every month
  • Feeding Social media with my blog articles regularly.

Importance of Blogging Frequency

Not many people would like to visit your blog again if it looks forgotten! If you blog does not continue to deliver quality information in a regular manner, your potential visitor or subscriber could turn away.

It does not mean that you should be able to find time to post an article every day, but make sure you maintain a defined frequency target and achieve it. I do a post every day but if you don’t have the time try to publish articles at least once a week.

As the content on your blog increases, so will your search engine traffic! It is a good idea to have a Blogging task sheet or checklist that would help you to make sure you have not missed out any tasks like SEO, Social media publishing, Blog posting, commenting etc.

Keep Blogging and Stay Motivated

It is vital to stay motivated to continue to publish articles on your blog. A good source of staying motivated is by visiting other blogs in your niche and it will certainly encourage you to stay enthusiastic about blogging. For more on how to stay motivated you could read my article on motivated blogging.

Take Home: Avoid being disappointed when you do not see quick results and huge traffic, none of the top bloggers made it happen in a month’s time! Stay focused and success will find you.



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