Review & First look – The new face of Social Networking

Today I would introduce to you all a new Social Networking concept called Beachout is a new face of social networking as explained by the bunch of people behind it. Beachout is not officially launched yet, it’s in the prelaunch stage and is creating quite a Buzz in the internet world. The pre launch sign up is open and I would give you a feature walk through.

The various highlighted features that make them stand out are:

  • Integrated Translation application.
  • Instant Messenger.
  • Live Video integrated with YouTube.
  • Chat Switch Feature.
  • Record / take snapshots from within
  • Friend viewer.
  • Live Board (scrap book).
  • Customize wardrobe with BO tees, Caps, baby dresses.
  • Finally its 100% Free and it supports its revenue for charity.

Some innovative features of Beachout compared to the existing ones are

  • Live Video page
  • Chat Switch feature
  • Innovative Live Board
  • Personal wardrobe

Live Video page: It’s a system that allows you to upload videos to your profile with one click and its auto integrated with YouTube to form your video page.

Chat Switch feature: A innovative and first time feature that allows to simultaneously chat with all your buddies and switch between them using a impressive video chat system

Innovative Live Board: Similar to the Orkut scrapbook and Facebook wall – this is a more interactive dynamic board.

Friend Viewer: A Rich interface to browse through your friends and their pics

PS:  At this point we cannot predict the future of this new social networking buzz, but lets wait and see how successful it’s in driving the social crazy natives of the Internet.