Become a Blogger NOT a Salesman!

Lately I have been tasting some good share of Blogging success like never before. It has been a long wait. of sleepless nights and endless research online. Writing this post is part of my conscious effort to stop myself becoming a online salesman rather than a true blogger which is one of my passion.

When does this Itch start?

According to me Blogging is all about selfless knowledge sharing and growing when others appreciate the fact that you are helping them grow. As a budding blogger starts getting all the attention in the world when his blog starts to become successful, he would start observing and learning more about monetizing and profiting from the traffic he receives.

Believe me, when you have good amount of traffic and visitors to your blog, all the monetizing magic spells start to work for you and you start earning! Really earning that you have always heard form other bloggers! It hits you back when you become greedy and over do it.

Realizing the reality

Its always important that you realize the fact that you are killing yourself as a successful blogger and your blog in tandem. Lets get into a reader’s shoes and understand what exactly most of your blog readers are at your blog for.

More than 70% of your blog readers are there to learn and understand what you are sharing with them, and very few of them are there to buy products that you want to suggest. I have often observed some great blogs gradually changing into sales pages very soon trying to earn more out of affiliate marketing and product sales. This simply kills your blog.

How to earn without being a salesman

It’s a good idea to write product reviews, but its not a great idea to only write product reviews. Soon no one would be interested in your blog as you would appear to them as a sales man. In my opinion the best way to keep the quality intact and still make sure you are hit would be:

  • Be honest and do not support or review product that you do not use.
  • Make sure your blog has 90% of useful content that could be helpful to all without shelling a penny.
  • Always give alternatives – A paid product should ONLY be a better alternative to a free substitute
  • Have more content and minimum ads
  • Respect your visitors and do not misguide them for an extra dollar

Always be open to feedback

Its important that you judge your growth as a blogger or a webmaster. The best way to assess is by not judging your self, ask for feedback and know where you stand. Sometimes we might not observe the fact that you are on a selling spree, unknowingly become blind and not delivering quality in the information you share.

Take Home: The two points that you should take home from this article would be 1. Do not overdo your limits to earn from your blog. 2. Be honest and suggest only what you have tried and tested.

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