Best Genesis based Studiopress WordPress themes for Bloggers 2013

Best Genesis based Studiopress WordPress themes for Bloggers 2013

StudioPress has been discussed several times here on OrangeCopper™ and each next time I update them, they’ve been growing and becoming better day by day! StudioPress themes have gone a long way from being just a theme developer, now they are Industry leading WordPress framework competing head to head with top frameworks like DIY Thesis framework in a short span of time.

Advantages of Genesis Framework + StudioPress themes combo:

Purchase of a StudioPress theme will be bundled with free Genesis framework that will get installed along with the child theme or theme you purchase from StudioPress. Below are the key advantages of being on StudioPress Genesis.

  • Search Optimized: A well coded framework with dependable design architecture ensures clear visibility to search engine bots. This will ensure that the website by itself is highly search engine optimized. A neat code and fewer errors on the frame work will in turn ensure more organic search traffic from the big engines out there.
  • Easier to Design and Tweak: The structure of the frame work easily helps you to be flexible with your design blocks and other visual aspects without getting your hands dirty with code.
  • Unlimited usage: Unlike the usage policy of other prominent frameworks like DIY Thesis, the Genesis framework and themes offer an unlimited usage on any number of websites, once purchased.
  • Recommended by notable people: The Genesis frame work seems to be recommended by influential and popular WP community members and bloggers.
  • Security: In addition, they have taken support of security expert and core WordPress developer Mark Jaquith in to make sure the Genesis Framework had the best security possible.

Best Genesis based Studiopress WordPress themes for Bloggers 2013

Top Genesis Framework based StudioPress WordPress themes for Bloggers 2013

  • StudioPress Prose Theme
  • StudioPress Mocha Theme
  • StudioPress News Theme
  • StudioPress Luscious Theme
  • StudioPress Lifestyle Theme
  • StudioPress Balance Theme

 Check out the above themes and let us know if you feel more needs to fit into this best category, if yes, leave a comment too.