7 Best Google Adsense alternatives

Best Google Adsense alternatives of 2011  

Best Google Adsense alternatives of 2011

Google Adsense is undoubtedly the best text ads serving network on the Internet today. Recent updates to the Adsense membership approval procedures have made it more stringent to get an account activated for your website, this does not mean that you don’t have any options to continue earning!

Also there are possibilities that your account could get banned all of a sudden if the google team feels there has been a violation of their TOS, even though it might be not an intended mistake – you would be forced to look for options. Below are the list of the top ten Google Adsense alternatives of the year 2011.

Best Google Adsense alternatives of 2011

1. Chitika: at times I feel that Chitika is a better alternative to Google Adsense due to the sheer intelligence of their algorithm to identify advertisements that are suitable to serve for visitors from search engines for a particular search string. In addition, Chitika offers possibility to style the text, borders and colors of your advertisements to blend it with the content to improve the click rates. You could also choose to opt for their referral program that allows you to earn another 10% as commissions too.

2. AdBrite: this advertisement program has been on the web for years and is one of the most successful competitor of Google Adsense in their own ways. Adbrite empowers you to sell advertising space on your website based on the size and position eight from within your web page. It allows you to attract new advertisers who might be interested to buy advertisements from you. The control panel and setup system is a piece of cake!

3. Infolinks: one of the unique link based advertisement system that has become largely popular in the recent years. Webmasters love using this ad network basically because of it’s working. Once you install the infolinks code on your website, it will automatically convert the keywords into text based relevant advertisements allowing you to earn from simple clicks on them. Even though some people debate the usage of the inline text advertisement method as it might lead to loose visitors from your website to an external web page, it could be an option you should try out.

4. BuySellAds: by far the best direct banner space sales system that is available on the Internet. They have a minimum requirement of page views to apply for the program, by if you qualify – it increases the chances of directly selling and managing your banner ads on your websites.

5. ContextWeb: another alternative that you could try. They pay through Paypal and direct checks and the success with them is potentially higher when you have a decent traffic.

6. Bidvertiser: is one of the comparatively newer promising alternatives of Google Adsense. They have a low minimum payout amount or 10 USD and pay through Paypal with no extra fee. The only difference is that this network does not serve related advertisements.

7. TextLinkAds: a unique method of earning money from your website by offering to sell text links on your website to potential advertisers through their system. If your website has decent traffic and a page rank, this is one option you should give a try.

Take home:if you just got your Google Adsense account, it’s not the end of the world – there are far more options to earn money by either opting for any of the alternatives or open the magic lock of affiliate marketing that will earn you exponentially more than any ad network! Hope you enjoyed the Best Google Adsense alternatives of 2011


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