12 Best Paying Affiliate Networks

Best Paying Affiliate Networks programs of 2011

Best Paying Affiliate Networks programs of 2011

After several years of using various affiliate networks, we have listed down the best and the market favorite affiliate marketing network programs of 2011. These are the best paying and the most trusted affiliate networks as per our research and review.

Commission Junction

CJ is one of the most preferred affiliate network programs on the internet. Its an Online advertising company owned by ValueClick. CJ is the program that covers the maximum percentage of the to 500 highest earning web retailers – hence minting money for thousands of webmasters and product owners.

Commission Junction pays its affiliate members based on pay per sale mostly, but have the sales intensive feature that is very motivating. They have sales commissions ranging from 3 – 50%

You can sign up with CJ as an affiliate here at their official website

Click Bank

Click bank is my second favorite affiliate marketing network program that offers a HUGE list of affiliate products that you could sell on your website and earn pay per sale commissions. Click bank pays once in 2 weeks and has got decent tracking and reporting system.

Most products that are sold through click bank are niche specific products. So the key is to obtain a high niche traffic and authority and simply suggest the top selling valuable products for easy earning.

You can sign up with CB as an affiliate here at their official website

Amazon Affiliates

Amazon affiliate networks are now very widely used by webmasters on their blogs and websites to make a huge percentage of their online income. The main advantage of Amazon affiliate marketing is that simply the have such a huge list of products that are spread across almost all range of categories.

Based on your website niche you could add the Amazon affiliate link and sell products to earn money and it really works out since there is already lot of Amazon buyers on the internet. In addition you could use the Amazon API to show reviews and ratings from Amazon on your blog or website.

You can sign up with Amazon as an affiliate here at their official website


E-junkie is another widely used affiliate marketing system by many webmasters. Mostly by those who sell web based products, scripts, themes and templates. Even though the interface is not as robust as many of its competitors – Ejunkie is doing well with a huge range of digital products to sell from and its ever growing user base.

You can sign up with E-Junkie as an affiliate here at their official website


Linkshare is one of the oldest affiliate marketing networks and has a very huge user base all over the globe. Their major advantage is having an excellent interface and reporting system. Linkshare usually offers a monthly paycheck to its affiliate members.

You can sign up with Linkshare as an affiliate here at their official website

Google Affiliate Network Program

Many of us might be surprised to know this that apart form Google AdSense – does Google have affiliate marketing program also apart from the Google AdSense? – The answer is yes. Even though there are fewer products listed they are top notch affiliate products that could bring extra bucks to your pocket in addition to the Google AdSense payment.

You can sign up with E-Junkie as an affiliate here at their official website

Few others

Let us know what you think, Hope you have found the article on Best Paying Affiliate Networks programs of 2011 useful


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