Best Performing Adsense Units to Use

Best Performing Google Adsense Units or Sizes

If you are already using Google Adsense ad units on your website or planning to use them, read further as this article will help you unlock the question about the best performing or rather best earning Google Adsense units or size. The below assumptions are made from a range of data sample pulled up from my blog networks serving Adsense and earning money for me.

Improving your Adsense income is all about trials and tests to understand which particular ad unit or sizes earn you the most and making changes accordingly. So keep experimenting and don’t settle for what you earn, when there is a possibility to earn more.

The placement of these ad units are also important and the most effective placements that have worked well for me are below the header and the post title. The graphs and data set below will give you a clearer idea on which unit to opt for while placing Adsense ads on your blog or website.

Best Performing Google Adsense Units or Sizes

Best Performing Adsense Units to Use

The Data on the Second Image with the Red Arrow has the most useful information showing the CTR (Click Through Rate). It shows that the Ad size 300×250 has the highest CTR of an alarming high value (10.10%). This means that the ad unit and size that has the maximum click probability is 300×250 size followed by 336×280.

The first chart shows the earnings with respective to my website where the most used size is 336×280 and it has low CTR but earns decent amount. If you are not already using these ad sizes, you could experiment by testing them as the performance report is from 7 Million impressions of these ads to various genre of visitors across the globe.

Also there are different types of Adsense units like Image units, Text units and Flash units. Below is another set of data sample that shows the best performing Adsense unit Types.

Best Performing Google Adsense Units or Sizes

The above data sample shows that Image ads and Flash ads perform the best when compared to the other types of ad units. This means that people appreciate more visual kind of ads and they catch the attention of your readers in a more quicker manner. There are more factors that affect your ad performance like the Google Adsense Placement and Geo-targeting of Google Ads to earn higher.

To sum up Below are the best possible options of Google Adsense units to use on your website (best format are image and Flash):

  • Rank1: 300X250 Ad unit
  • Rank 2: 336×280 Ad unit
  • Rank 3: 728×90 Ad unit

Take Home: Do not settle for the Google Adsense income as there is always an oppourtunity to make more by trying and testing various combinations. I hope the above tips and data has helped you to identify the Best Performing Google Adsense Units or Sizes


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