Best Places to Outsource your Company Logo Design Online in 2013

Even though there are thousands of design service providing companies and millions of freelancers available online to outsource your Logo design work, the are lucky few who manage to come out with a great design! Logo is the face of your business and deserves a lot more attention than simply hiring just anyone to craft a logo. Today we will discover the best places to outsource your logo design job online and get high quality result based on your investment. – Advantage of Crowdsourcing in Design

Design crowd is a very innovative platform where you could outsource your logo and graphic design jobs online. The designs you receive follow a crowd-sourced model thereby ensuring you receive up to 50 – 100+ quality design options for every project you post. The average investment amount seen on the portal for a logo design is 100 – 400 USD. If you are very serious about your business and brand image, this is a very minimal amount.

An important advantage of using DesignCrowd service is the quality of designs submitted on the website is very high! You receive highly creative, very unique, top quality designs one after another on this portal (based on my experience and seeing active projects on the portal). Below is a screenshot how the DesignCrowd interface looks like. Apart from the quality service, they offer a money back in case you are not able to decide on your choice.

Best Places to Outsource your Company Logo Design Online in 2013 – Low budget & Decent Quality Platform

If you do not have a huge budget to invest on your logo design but want a decent enough result, the should solve your problem. Fiverr is a platform where various service providers offer their services for a small amount of 5 USD (or multiples). I have used fiverr services several times and would certainly recommend due to the high value for money.

While using Fiverr services, you should ensure to do proper search within the portal to find appropriate service providers. Feedback is highly respected in, hence make sure you thoroughly check the feedback score of the service provided before ordering a gig (buying services).

Best Places to Outsource your Company Logo Design Online in 2013

DigitalPoint Forums – Variable Budget Freelance Outsourcing

The third option, I would recommend is posting a logo design contest on the top webmaster forums like There are several quality webmasters who are ready to provide you services starting from 10 USD to 50 USD (and above, but this is the most common quote range). The advantage of such webmaster boards is that at any given point of time there would be a few thousand users active on the board, so to get your work done and revised quickly, this is a great option.

Best Places to Outsource your Company Logo Design Online in 2013

Other Outsourcing platforms

There are several other platforms like,, etc. that works in a common model. Project owner posts the requirement and freelancers chip in their submissions. I do not totally recommend using these services because these can get complex in completing the outsourcing cycle and getting things to move fast is pretty difficult task.

Unless you regularly have loads of work to outsource, I totally do not recommend the last option for outsourcing your logo design based on the latest trends of business online in the year 2013. Hope this article has helped you identify and discover the various high quality options available to get a great logo designed for your business.

Best Places to Outsource your Company Logo Design Online in 2013