Best Time for affiliate sales

Best Time for affiliate sales

Affiliate marketing is the best method to make a good income online. If you check my income reports, 90% of my online revenue is from affiliate sales and marketing.

Learn how to install affiliate links on your blog and write useful and unique product reviews to make an affiliate income through product sales.

Best Time for affiliate sales and income:

I have been regularly tracking and observing my affiliate sales and the time frame of the sales. It has been clearly observed that the maximum amount of sales occurs in the below time frames:

  • US time zones
  • First half of a month

The reason for sales occurring in the US time zones is basically because of the majority of the targeted users are from the US. In addition, the first half of the month is when people have money handy for investment.

Capitalize on the information

In the light of this information, we can capitalize to improve your affiliate sales by gearing up your initiatives and affiliate campaigns in the first 2 weeks of the month, to ensure you have the maximum amount of sales and income.

Hope this article has helped you identify the best time for affiliate sales.