Best Twitter Automation Tools

Best Twitter Automation Tools

Best Twitter Automation Tools of 2011

Twitter is hands down my favorite online marketing tool. The exposure that your website or online content receives on twitter is the remarkable. No other social networking website can give the viral spreading nature that twitter gives its 140 character tweet.

Today I would share with you all the best twitter automation tools that are available on the internet to use. A twitter automation tool basically helps you with all the tedious tasks involved in using the twitter applications like:

  • Finding profiles in your niche
  • Following related twitter profiles
  • Un-following accounts that do not follow back
  • Automating the task of tweeting your new content
  • Auto following back your followers
  • Acknowledge follows with a direct message
  • And much more.

My personal disclaimer to you

Now let me warn your before selecting a twitter automation tool that twitter does NOT like an automation to be activated on any of its twitter account, the reason being – twitter is meant for “social networking” for humans and not for bots. So make sure that if you decide to save your time by automating repeated tasks, you still do use twitter to build networks, meet new people and communicate to them manually.

The ugly side of automation that you should know

I personally have got my twitter account banned when I was new to twitter. I simply got greedy and tried adding a lot of people and finally woke up the next day to see that twitter tagged me “bad boy” and banned my account. I request you to read my article on why twitter banned my account and how I got it back

If you ask me, is automation good? I would say – Yes! It’s good. For new bloggers, not so famous people on the web, it is not very easy to increase their follower count fast. This is where the twitter automation comes into the picture. Do not simply jump on to every other tool for twitter automation because, you might not really know what the application is doing to get you more followers. You should clearly be able to know what is the frequency and count of automation activities performed by the application.

I have tried out a number of twitter automation tools and the one I found impressive is TweetAdder, I have compared this application with other popular applications and would strongly suggest using this tool to automate your twitter account.

Is Automation really worth it?

Yes! Twitter automation is really worth doing it and I do not want to go around beating the bush. Below is my twitter follower count that spiked in just 4 days of using the automation application.

Best Twitter Automation Tools

What all does TweetAdder do?

In short the application does a LOT. I can assure it is worth every single penny you spend for it. The best part I liked it over any other twitter automation application is that it has no monthly fee; it’s a life time license.

Few screen-shots of the settings on the twitter applications that could give you more insights.

Best Twitter Automation Tools

Few screen-shots that shows the extend of automation that could be done

A few wonderful features I loved about TweetAdder:

  • Automate following twitter users based on their profile keywords
  • Never follow the same person twice
  • Fully Control Twitter following with Follower Ratio, Max # of follows per day
  • Auto Follow Stop Feature – Automatically stops when Twitter follow limits are reached
  • Specify the time of the day when to start following
  • Specify the time delay and randomize the follow time gap
  • Automated Tweets post throughout the day
  • Post Tweets to Facebook, Linkedin, and Myspace!!
  • Unique Tweet Generator – creates unique tweets automatically
  • tweets any RSS feed whether from your blog updates, or any other source
  • Url shortener – Shorten long URLs automatically
  • Never follow the same person twice
  • Fully Control Twitter following with Follower Ratio, Max # of follows per day
  • Auto Unfollow Twitter Users: Unfollow by #, follower to follow ratios, users who do not follow back with time frames
  • Post Tweets with random time delay
  • Ability to unfollow ALL except your personal WHITELIST
  • Profile Data Search search twitter bio, plus filters
  • Location Search search by geographic location around the world, plus filters
  • Twitter List Search imports another users twitter list
  • Automate direct messages and thank you messages


Take Home: The idea of Twitter automation is good as long as it does not look automated. TweetAdder makes it look so real with its settings and options to add time delays and frequencies. All you have to do is set up the application and leave it online to find thousands of new followers automatically added. Your blog updates and new updates are automatically added to Twitter, Facebook and linkedin.


In my opinion, it’s a great too to use. You could check out complete TweetAdder features here. Hope this article on the Best Twitter Automation Tools has helped you with your Social networking efforts.


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