Smarter ways to use Social Networking

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Social networking has become huge! So huge that it could change the face of your website, blog or brand. To understand to what extend social networking has grown and become a part of our life, lets see some interesting SN facts.

Let’s start of with few facts:

  • More than 150 million people connect with Facebook on peripheral websites each month
  • There are more than 100 million active users currently using Facebook through their mobile devices.
  • Users spend more than 500 billion minutes per month on Facebook.
  • Twitter receives more than 300,000 new members each day.
  • A new account is created on LinkedIn every second.
  • As of June 2006, more than 65,000 videos were being uploaded eveach day on youtube.
  • 77% of the total internet users read blogs.
  • Bloggers on an average use 5 different social networking websites to drive more traffic.

The above facts were referred from the press releases of FB, LI, Twitter and YouTube. These might have exponentially increased by now, but my motive here was to stress on the consequence of Social media and networking on our online ventures and life!

Social networking and related services is the biggest boon to the internet after the early bang by free email. It has by far boosted the capabilities and reach of any webmaster or blogger by giving it a thousand extra hands.

The best part about social networking is that its completely Free of cost. Unlike in maintaining a website you still have to pay for hosting services. Although there are some providers that offer cheap web hosting, money is still money.

The only difference between successful and unsuccessful people on social networking is that those who suceed simply use it the smart way.

 Smarter ways to use Social networking:

Make the Right choices

There are hundreds of social networking websites on the internet and its certain that there are more to come.  Having an account each in 100 Social networking websites and only using 4 of them is not a wise decision.

Its impossible to use 100 Social networking accounts to their potential, you will certainly loose focus and it could turn out to be a mess. You should be able to list down the best social networking websites and narrow down to maximum of best 5.

Craft the perfect profile

It’s very critical that you spend enough time in crafting your social networking website profile.  Your profile information is the very first page that a potential follower would see. In addition, your profile data is used in search queries to find related social networking profiles by other users.

Use a Niche based approach to connect

Ideally social networking is all about real people, real contacts and real interests! If you are simply on a spree to add more contacts and more followers, you would simply end up with a big fat list of followers who aren’t really interested in what you post or tweet.

It’s better to have 150 followers or fans on your profile who actually reads your posts rather than having 2000 followers who ignore your messages.  Hence, connect with people in the same niche and patiently grow your networking

Build a first-class Social networking Brand or Personal Image

As we say, Rome was not built in a day! Same goes with your social networking profile, it’s always an on-going affair to built a good brand or personal image through social networking.

It’s a big stage, everyone sees what your brand or tweet says, so it’s important that you do not appear hungry for clicks or attention. Do use it wisely and at the right time of the day when you have the most exposure. 

Hope the tips will certainly help you understand and use the massive power of social networking in a wise and smarter way!

Carrie Donalds is a senior writer for a webhosting review company.


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