Best methods to promote new blog posts

In the ever growing Blogosphere, It’s not all done after you do an excellent brand new post. There are more to it. After adding a new article to your blog, you would need to work on your blog promotion so that I really receive the exposure it deserves. Today I would be sharing some very useful tips to promote your sparkling new post.

Tweet your new post

Make use of the power of twitter, create a new twitter profile, build your followers count and slowly improve your twitter presence. Each time you add a new post to your blog, make sure you post it to twitter drive traffic like crazy to your website based on the number of followers you have. Make sure all the followers you add are in your own niche.

Add your posts to multiple Social networking sites at one go

Below are few very useful tools that would allow you to directly post your new posts to multiple social networking websites that could save you hell lot of time.

Bookmarking Services

Just Google for mass bookmarking services, there are many websites and online tools that could send you new posts to social bookmarking websites like technorati and digg – Just with one click. Some of the best are: OnlyWire and Shareholic and Bookmarking demon

Blog Carnivals

Submitting to blog carnivals are some excellent source of traffic to your new posts. You could learn more about blog carnivals here on my previous article here. Also you could use blog carnivals automatic submission tools like Xingla Pro

Other excellent Blogging communities

You could become active in the below blogging communities which would help you to improve your blog traffic by networking and also activate your blog feeds to post your new articles automatically to the blogging community.

    Interact well with your users and respond to comments.

    Each time you add new posts make sure you answer and respond to each and every comment that your post receives. These improve your user interaction and also grow your visitor loyalty. Use plugins like “subscribe to comments” so that users could follow up on the post thread each time they get a new response on your blog post comment. In short, its important to value each visitor that visits your blog.

    Take Home: Above are some effective methods that you could use to promote you new blog posts. The essence of the article is that writing a post is not just enough, promoting it is also important.


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