Bing lures webmasters with more Controls

Bing lures webmasters with more controls

Bing’s Webmaster tool is offering more control on data for webmasters. Bing had changed its name from MSN Search (1998) to Windows Live Search (2006) to Live Search (2007). Not only the name, it is also changing and adding features at regular intervals.

Bing is trying its level best to strengthen its position in search engine popularity much dominated by the giant – Google. The latest call is intended to equip web masters more control on the websites they are working. Bing wants to share more data with website owners. Site owners will be provided with useful tools and higher data transparency levels.

About Bing Search Engine

Webmasters in association with Bing can draw more traffic to their site by using the data provided by Bing. The data can be obtained for search queries, crawling and search traffic. By signing up for webmaster tools account on Bing, web masters can receive comprehensive information about how Bing understands your website.

In addition to search engine optimization of your website, you can also check the websites that are linking with your web pages. By sharing site specific information such as sitemaps, URLs to be blocked and controlling crawler, Bing will be able to understand your website.

Enhanced Crawl details

Crawl summary provides information on total number of pages crawled along-with crawl errors. A section of crawl summary, ‘crawl details’ provides information on HTTP errors detected with the latest crawl of your website. The information will help audit your website also.

With the enhanced ‘Crawl details’, now you are able to include all the inbound link information. Earlier crawl details are available only for HTTP 400 range of errors. Now, it has been extended to figure out even HTTP 300+ and 500+ ranges of errors. It will also include URLs listed under robots.txt and Malware headings.

URL normalization feature

URL normalization feature help you prevent duplicate content in the Bing index, avoid URL value being split among multiple URL variations and also avoid unnecessary bandwidth usage by the search crawler.

Now, URL normalization feature allows webmasters to define up to 50 query parameters. Earlier it was restricted up to 25 URL normalization suggestions.

Enhanced email alerts

Bing’s index explorer allows you get alerts when there are problems with HTTP codes. It will also help correct implementation of HTTP 300,400 and 500 ranges of protocols. Now, you can also set email alerts for issues your website may face through malware; we have done this for our discount coupon blog that features weight watchers and nutrisystems discount coupons. You can get email alerts even for crawl settings whenever changes are made in crawl settings box.

Verification of ownership

In order to safeguard your website from fraudulent requests (request for information about your website), verification of your website is must. In addition to the ownership verification through uploading of XML file or usage of HTML tag in your website’s index page, now you can also verify your website ownership through DNS records.

Enhanced data

Traffic summary displays query performance in the past six months. You can also analyze impressions and clicks in separate graphs. You can find the number of clicks received, number of impressions made, click through rate, average impression position and average click position. Now, adCenter Data will also be included in the web traffic data. Average Cost per Click (CPC) is displayed as a separate column in reports.

Precautions to be taken by website owners

Webmasters and website owners should be vigilant by taking extra precautions to thwart attempts made by hackers especially through on Content Management Systems like WordPress installations. Hackers can pull out your website from the search engine’s indexing.


With the increased controls and availability of more information, webmasters are in a better position to trace the source of errors. Site owners need not worry about the intimation of errors reported as they will also be able to tackle the errors effectively. It is possible for webmasters to setup redirect links for the pages (pages that are moved from original location on your website) that are linked by other websites.

The changes announced by Bing will bring it closer to webmaster by helping them better manage websites with the data, email alerts and changes that can be made in settings. With this new measure, there should be a rise in number of impressions and number of clicks in search engine optimization and marketing process.

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