Blog Heatmap Analysis to Spike your Earnings Overnight

Advertising on Blogs have become a very critial part of Blogging as it helps sustain to support the blog expenses and also keep it going. But Placing the right ads, with the right size ant the right place is critical because you dont have all the place in the world on your blog, So each and every Pixel is money!You should also make sure that you dont annoy your visitors but make them feel that you are helping them with the ads that may be of their interest.

From my Blogging experience in the past 4 years, i have come up with a Heatmap suggestion that is not very flowery though! but it works for me very well in many of my blogs.

The Heat map is simple : Top and Right !:- Most attention of a visitor is caught by the Top Right spot of your blog and second by the center spot above your first post. The best adsense sizes that have worked for me are : 728×90 Leaderboards and 300×250 rec. Also have noticed that 125×125 ad banners have become popular now-a-days. Basically keep on experimenting and see whats worked best for you.

Blend ads into your blog: To increase the likelihood that your readers will see and click on your ads, blend your ad units into the background of your blog. Choose a bold color for the ad title to help draw attention to your ads, then make sure that the background and borders of your ads are the same color as the background of the area where the ad is placed.

Lets See what Google suggest for adsense:

Google’s Suggestions

Blogtimize – Optimize the ads on your blogPrint
When working with a blog, you’re facing some interesting ad implementation challenges: a predetermined page format, highly targeted content, and regular visitors, among other things. To make the most of your readership and content, here are a few suggestions:

Experiment with multiple ad formats and locations: In general, wider ad formats tend to be more reader-friendly. Placing an ad unit after the first post will likely catch your readers’ attention. Take a look at our sample implementations to get some ideas. Also, consider placing a Skyscraper (120×600) or vertical link unit on the right side of your blog.

Google’s Suggested Heatmap for your blog.


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