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Dear readers, Today i want to introduce a Internet marketing blog that i discovered while stumbling over few articles on the web. This blog is a relatively new blog in the Internet marketing arena but seems to look promising. It primarily talks about the various SEO best practices, techniques, tips on Internet marketing. Key niche topics blogged by Keikarion George in his Blog are :

  • Importance of Back-linking in Search Engine Optimization
  • Need for Quality and relevant content on your blog
  • Traffic improvement Tips & Tricks
  • Article Marketing
  • Link Building

The Blog seems to be a promising resource of information for bloggers on how to improve their website or blog traffic and learn Ethical Search Engine Optimization tips. Do keep an eye on the articles that are regularly updated on the blog and Keikarion explains his story on how he learn’t it the hard way so that he could help his readers to avoid the pain and take the straight route.


Hello my name is Keikarion George. Yep, thats  me in the suit (I don’t sell insurance I just couldn’t find any better pic to put up here.)   I fell in love with Internet Marketing, about three years ago.   Just Google me, and you’ll find a long list of almost everything that I’ve had my hand in.

Wishing Keikarion all the very best and hope to see quality article coming from you.  | website: Improve website traffic Tips

Few nice articles by Keikarion