Blogging Ground Rules for newbie bloggers

I could share some really useful methods to monetize your blog, i have been blogging now for 6 plus years and i sincierly like helping an encouraging new bloggers. Blogging is one of the biggest passion i have and i would really recommend you to make blogging part of your life. There are few ground rules

  • Dont think of the money when you want to start your blog
  • Blog ONLYon what you are passionate about or what you have expertise in, just do blog on what seems to you in demand
  • Content is what ONLY matters – write, write and write only unique articles be it small or long – make sure your yours is unique and do not copy paste
  • Use good SEO plugins and have  a neat and simple theme
  • have a good posting frequency daily one would be awesome!
  • Do not clog your blog with ads – keep it off your blog when you start since it would make your blog look crappy and obviously when you dont have any traffic you are not gonna earn from ads.

Follow these ground rules for 5 – 6 months – you would certainly start making money from your blog and infact you would be surprised by the earning potential of your blog.

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