Blogging no longer requires a computer

Blogging no longer requires a computer

Blogging is one profession that does not have any timelines, deliverables, boss, reporting and workplace. Professional Blogging gives you the complete freedom to choose your work time and place.

With the availability of world class applications on superb operating systems like Android, windows Mango, iOS the possibilities are endless for you to connect to the web and blog from virtually anywhere.

Say for example, this particular post has been blogged from the WordPress app for iPhone. It becomes really easy to shift places or even blog while traveling. This gives a chance to even have a fresher mind especially when you are blogging on the move. In addition, you could even draft your blog posts on your mobile application and schedule or draft the post for future review or publishing.

Summary: blogging is so very different from the other conventional work profiles and even if you want to do blogging as a part time work, you will certainly enjoy it. Let me know what you think about blogging on the move.

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  1. Dipendra February 20, 2012