Bounce Rate: Explanation – Importance – Details

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Yesterday i observed for one of my website, the bounce rate is showing as 54%, that is usually very high when compared to my other websites, now many of us might wonder why only for one website, I will explain all the aspects that are related to bounce rate and basically what is bounce rate.

What is a Bounce?

When a visitor arrives at your website through normal search or any referal link, post viewing the page if the visitor directly leaves the website without exploring the rest of your website, its called a Bounce Visit. ( here the landing page and leaving page are the same).

How to calculate Bounce Rate?

To calculate a website’s bounce rate for a given period, you divide the number of bounces by the total number of site visits during the period, and multiply by 100. Most of the Analytic tools like google analytics have a tab or a metric that shows you the bounce rate, so lucky we are and we do not have to calculate.

What is the importance of Bounce Rate?

As i explained before, when a user lands on your website and leaves immidiatly what does that signify? There are 2 possibilites if you try to visit a website from a Netizen perspective.

1. The information was not the one the user was looking for.
2. The site provided just what he/she wanted and Thanks hence closing the page.
3. The visitor did not like the way the website appeared or looked.
4. Some feature on your website like Flash or javascript did not load the page correctly.
5. Simultaniously visitor got another better webpage on another tab.

Note: Ideally in most cases, Reason 1 is the most possible reason. OR it could be your website is kinda specific website like news, so if user was looking for something and he reads about that and could not be interested in Other news!

What is a Safe Bounce Rate?

Safe Bounce rate is arround 30-40% more than that means you need to improve or work on engaging users on to your website.

How to reduce Bounce Rate?

1. Having Unique content
2. Providing In depth detailed information to users
3. Site should be eye safe and look good.
4. User all browser compatible codes and scripts
5. Engage users more using options like “Read similar articles” etc.

Thats All! I assume you have got the entire idea of what Bounce rate is, how its calculated, what are the reasons for low bounce rate, How to improve bounce rates, what is safe bounce rate etc.