Browse Faster : 15 Smashing Tips for Faster Browsing.

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There could be many reason you are here to learn more about faster browsing, it could be either because you have  a limited bandwidth internet plan, or because you just hate to see slow downloading websites. So lets start off.

1. Use the Right Browser.

Opera and Mozilla Firefox are my personal recomendation for selecting a browser, You already know why mozilla is the best and Opera is efficent in loading the text matter first and later the images in pieces. This helps a lot in faster browsing.

2. Pause the P2Ps

Make sure you do not have any Peer2Peer softwares running in the background while browsing, this eats up a lot of bandwidh and also a lot of browsing speed, So right click on your torrents icon from task bar and say “Pause”

3. Block Win automatic updates

make sure your windows automatic updates option is set to manual update form control panel so that it does not download updates and eat your bandwidth

4. Block Other software Automatic updates

Most applications like Adobe and Java almost always have updates to download, so make sure you disable automatic updates for these applications to ensure faster browsing

5. Monitor your network bandwidth usage

Use Netmon or simply do a google on Opensource free network monitoring tools and use them to monitor your bandwidth usage and have a control over them

Now lets discuss some techniques that are specific to mozilla

6. Use keyboard shortcuts effectively

Mozilla has a number of keyword shortcuts to enable fast browsing

All the mozilla shortcuts could be found here:
Also see mozilla cheat sheet here:

7. Use fasterfox plugin and pepup your browsing speed.

PLugin download location:
Fasterfox is an extension which helps to tweak network and rendering settings like simultaneous connections, pipelining, cache, DNS cache, and initial paint delay

8. use only tabs you require.

make sure you do not have unwanted tabs open and waste loading sites that you do not really want

9. Install Google Tool bar

One of the main advantage of this is to make sure no popups or popunders affect your browsing.

10. Use Adblocker plugins

Mozilla has a number of adblocker plugins that would block ads like adsense and save your BW and give you only what you really want to see.

11. Block Flash and Activex if you really dont want them

12. Disable auto clear of Temp and History of browser

usually all browsers pick up results from cache, temp and cookies when the same page is loaded again, make sure you do not always clear change and cause a situation reload the images and activex each time page is loaded, on the filp side, keeping the cache for too long also is not good.

13. Keep your browser version up to date.

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