Build your Blog Traffic with YouTube

Build your Blog Traffic with YouTube

If you have not yet considered using the power of YouTube to drive traffic to your blog, you better consider it – YouTube has great potential and exposure to feed you Blog with loads of unique visitors.

YouTube video optimization is a competitively less explored area when compared to search engine optimization. Which ever niche you are specializing in and writing your blog, you could record, upload a video and optimize It for YouTube search to redirect the viewers to your blog for more information. The life-cycle of building a YouTube campaign to drive traffic continually to your website is by:

1. Create a channel for your brand
2. Create high quality, information rich video and upload
3. Optimize your video for YouTube search
4. Link to your blog post from the video description
5. Also embed the video on your blog under a new vLog category

The above cycle will gradually add more subscribers and exposure to your YouTube channel and people will end up reading your blog from the YouTube video.

How to optimize your videos for YouTube search: this is the most tricky part where you can have an edge over your competitors. Firstly, perform a keyword research on the topic you are going to write about, also identify the current search leaders for the keyword on YouTube search and take a note of the title, keywords and tags they use on their videos.

For YouTube keyword search, you can make use of the official YouTube keyword and search analytic tool available in their website. This will give you the demand for the particular search keywords on YouTube in a real time basis. Select the appropriate keywords and title that has the maximum potential and demand on YouTube.

The major advantage of using the keywords, title and tags of the top search results on the existing search result video is that YouTube tends to show similar videos in the “related videos” section after the top video is viewed! This gives your video a chance to get noticed. Also make sure you add the URL of your blog or website in the first line of the description as it will get noticed in the two line short preview description of our video.

Take home: YouTube has a lion share of the videos viewed on the web, and that will help you get your share of traffic I used properly.

PS: it will rake up to 8 hours for the keyword, tags and title changes you make on your videos as part of YouTube search optimization, so have patience and it will work in your favor.