Check Alexa rank for Inspiration

Check Alexa rank for Inspiration

Am sure you are here on this blog mainly because you have a website or a blog. Today we will talk about Alexa rank. I don’t take Alexa rankings very seriously unless it’s below the 50K elite group. The reason is Alexa ranks are never accurate.

Alexa picks its ranking data mainly from the below sources:

  • Alexa toolbar that is installed on the visitor’s computer
  • Various search engines and third parties

Alexa ranking tends to be higher when your website or blog is in the technical niche where there are more chances that your users would have Alexa tool bar installed.

Even though Alexa rank is directly dependent on the number of visitors to your website, you can learn more about how to improve your Alexa rank from my earlier article. My blog ranks under 20k when I am writing this article.

It is important that you do not get carried away by the Alexa rank as it is not everything. There are many more factors to your website success, the first being your unique visitors count and page views.

I would suggest you to depend on Google Analytics and your web hosting traffic reporting tool. This should be ideally used to gauge your traffic and success.

Then why should I check my Alexa rank

Good question! You should be checking your website’s Alexa rank for Inspiration. Use it to compare it with other websites in your niche and track your success. Have a target rank at the start of each month and measure your success at the end of the month.

There are more tools to measure your website’s ranking, reputation and success, you could read about the top 20 tools for gauging your website here.

Take Home: Don’t waste majority of your time checking ranks and metrics. Use that time in favor of crafting more useful and unique content for your website.


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