Chitika Ad Network Review

Chitika Review 2011

If you are a webmaster publishing ads on your Blog and you make money online Blogging you might be already using contextual advertising services like Google Adsense. Basically, these are text based advertisements that serve based on an intelligent algorithm to show ads with respect to the content on the webpage.  Chitika is one of them major alternative to Google Adsense and other contextual ad networks. If you are interested, you could read about the best Google Adsense alternatives of 2011.

If you have the question, what is Chitika and how is it different from Google Adsense  – it differs in their basic style of serving advertisements. Google Adsense simply serves advertisements based on the content on the webpage while chitika serves advertisements based on the search queries. Chitika has a unique algorithm to identify what a user searches and accordingly change the ads served even though the content and ads might not be related to one another.

 Chitika AdUnits and its features: Chitika ads are quite appealing in terms of looks and functionality. The eMiniMall ad units launched by Chitika is hugely popular for the visual appeal and customizability features. These show related advertisements along with image previews to improve the click rates of these ads.

Chitika eMiniMalls promises to outshine the conventional banner advertisement units and claims to improve the revenues from your websites. The best method to identify the effectiveness of Chitika is by running a split test along with Google Adsense as these ad scripts are compatible to run along with other systems like Google Adsense.

Chitika Review 2011

Is Chitika for me? Why Should I give it a Try?

If Google Adsense is for you, I do not see any reasons not to give Chitika a try. It has become immensely popular among webmasters and we have seen many top bloggers and websites serving Chitika Ads on their websites. Based on my experience with using Chitika – It pays lower for websites in technical or related niche when compared to Adsense. On the other hand, in general niche websites (like entertainment, music, shopping, review etc.) Chitika has better chances to perform well as it has more chances to serve relavant ads to users from the search.

Take Home: Chitika has enough popularity that if you are a webmaster, you should certainly consider giving it a try at least for once. In case your Google Adsense account has been banned, you still have loads of other alternatives like Chitika who can continue to help you earn as well as Adsense or sometimes, better! Let me know your thoughts.


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