ClickBank Check Payment Schedule

ClickBank Check arrival and payment schedule in India

Lately I have been receiving several queries on ClickBank payment schedule, conditions and check arrival timings. I assume this post should clear the air on such questions, to start off let me clarify few points that you should be aware of:

  • To start receiving payments you should meet the ClickBank CDR eligibility.
  • Your earning threshold should be met before payout.

ClickBank CDR Eligibility

The customer distribution requirement (CDR) is a criteria set to ensure that there aren’t any fraud or malpractices occurring with your transactions as an effort of purchasing your own affiliate products. According to the CDR, your account must reflect purchases made with 5 or more unique credit card numbers and sales must have been made with two different recognized payment methods (Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal).

Once you have met the ClickBank CDR eligibility and have crossed the minimum payout amount that you have set in your account settings (at least 50 USD for payout) the ClickBank team will generate your check promptly and send it to your postal address. You can read more about the ClickBank CDR

ClickBank check arrival and payment schedule

ClickBank Check arrival and payment schedule in India

You could find out if a check was generated for you under the “paychecks” submenu within your ClickBank account settings. For webmasters in India on an average the ClickBank check would reach you in 12 – 15 days time.

The paycheck’s section would clearly give the date of dispatch of the check to your address provided. Tracking my last two checks generated, I could say it would take on an average of 12 – 15 days time for delivery of the check.

ClickBank Check Details

ClickBank Check arrival and payment schedule in India

The ClickBank check would look like the screenshot I have sufficed within this post and it is a Wells Fargo Bank check that could be account deposited to any Indian banks like ICICI, HDFC etc. Make sure you deposit your check well before 90 days time as it is the limit.

The check clearance would depend again on your bank’s processing time. For me it takes around 5 – 10 days for the check deposit to be processed by my bank.

Opting for ClickBank direct deposit

You could also opt for direct deposit of the check to your bank account after your first 2 paper checks arrive. ClickBank account will add another additional option to webmasters who have received 2 paper checks to start receiving direct bank deposits after they have your trust.

Hope this post has helped you understand the ClickBank Check arrival and payment schedule in India.


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