ClickBank Sale! Not yet time to celebrate!

ClickBank Sale! Not yet time to celebrate!

ClickBank is an awesome platform to earn huge affiliate income share from your website or blog. You could learn more about setting up your affiliate account for ClickBank – earn an impressive income from my Affiliate marketing guide. Once you have your ClickBank account ready, you could learn more about how to earn money by promoting good products through your ClickBank account – refer my ClickBank guide here.

Now once you have started making sales from your blog and the money starts to flow into your CB account, you will need to meet the ClickBank CDR condition to receive your first paycheck – Learn more about the eligibility to receive your first CB check.

After your affiliate marketing setup is on track

The game isn’t over, you are not on autopilot and it is not yet time to celebrate! Have you considered the possibility of product returns / refunds / charge backs? This means that even if you have converted a sale, the money isn’t your yet, the money is yours only if the product sale survives the “refund period”.

Even though I convert more than 200 USD sales a day from CB, not more than half of it survives the refund period, if the customer does not enjoy the product – he/she would go for a refund of the product. Below is a screenshot of my ClickBank account that clearly shows the rate of refunds when compared to the sales.

ClickBank Sale! Not yet time to celebrate!

How to reduce the Refunds / Chargeback’s on your ClickBank accounts

The best way to reduce refunds and chargebacks on your ClickBank account is by recommending the best products in your niche and also make sure that you test the product before recommending it to your users.

Converting a sale means you have won the visitor’s trust by having them purchase the product, but if the product isn’t good, you not only lose the trust – you also lose the sale! Keep this is mind and make sure you follow an ethical approach on selling products to your visitors and never let your greed kill your blogging ethics.

Take Home: Blogging success is a build on a foundation made out of trust and ethics!

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