Co-branded Blog Vs Self-hosted Blog

Co-branded Blog Vs Self-hosted Blog

There are several thousands of blogs being created on a daily basis and the majority of them are cobranded blogs on platforms like Typepad and WordPress.

People often dream of making it big on cobranded blogs hosted for free with domains like my but the truth is that it looks rather more immature and unprofessional not to have a branded domain and a self hosted blog. It’s all about your credibility online – how do you expect to take you very seriously unless you take your blog seriously by spending a few dollars to buy your own space and host your website or blog – it just show how serious you are with your blog and blogging efforts.

Advantages of having a self hosted blog or website:

There are numerous advantages for having your own self hosted website – you gain complete control over your website as a admin to FTP, databases and content. You can choose to make the blog ads free or control how the website behaves.

A self hosted blog leaves an impression to the readers that the website is not a mere hobby blog, but the webmaster is chipping in some serious efforts and so will recommendations and ideas will be looked upon with a serious view point. When compared to a cobranded blog, you have complete flexibility to backup and migrate your website content at any point of time to a different host as per the requirements when the traffic to your blog improves.

Monetization of your blogs / websites: making money becomes easier with your self hosted blogs as you can be flexible to try different options to promote products or use advertisements as you have total control over the code.

Bonus note: people have a wrong impression about blogging as a content bombing system to make money – many imagine building 100 auto blogs making 1 dollar each from ads daily and thereby making 100 dollars a day! Believe me autoblogging and content theft never works and it’s just ease of time.

Especially after the google panda algorithm updates all these copy blogs are chased and killed for hosting duplicate content. On top of that, it’s not a mortal earning method!

The best method to make consistent money online is to host a professional blog on your favorite topic and work hard building content for atleast 5 – 6 months and traffic will start building up and you can start to monetize the traffic.

We have spent loads of time trying and testing different methods to make a living and earn money! Why not give this approach a honest and organized effort for few months – am sure the result will serve as your motivation!