Coder turns to live in a Forest, Homeless by Choice

Coder turns to live in a Forest, Homeless by Choice

Thomas Backlund is an entrepreneur, a coder and now living in the forest. Found about this “homeless by choice coder” while lazying around the Internet and thought I will share this interesting (or rather a story i could related a lot to) the same to my readers as well.

On March 21st 2013, Thomas writes his first Blog post on his official blog:

  • I’ve quit my job.
  • I’ve quit my apartment.
  • 7:th of May I’m moving out into the Swedish forest to live and work from a tent.
  • I do not know for how long.
  • There I’m gonna code om my start-up idea.
  • I have a laptop, battery pack, solar cells and mobile broadband.
  • Stay tuned..

More than the content, the way it has been presented says a lot more about what’s not there between the texts! I really loved the reflex writing and reminds me of one of my favorite movie “In to the Wild”. The difference here is that Thomas is taking a break and is coming back! Am sure this decision of his was a great one as it really refreshes your mind, body and lifestyle when the change in your lifestyle and everything associated with it is so drastic. Especially when Thomas is preparing to build and launch his new startup, its awesome.

Coder turns to live in a Forest, Homeless by Choice


Do things differently, it helps to isolate & focus better on your task

Life often requires silence, it demands a pause and its then when you look around, you gauge the speed with which you and your peers are moving in life (more a rat race nowadays).

[highlight color=”eg. orange, black”]Its awesome that people choose to spend time with themselves and takes out some time from society. It gives more sense of direction, focus and of course, it reminds you The value of several little things, moments, people in our blessed life.[/highlight]

Not really sure what was the motivation for Thomas for his change in lifestyle, but I sincerely wish him all the best with his time in the woods and his startup project.